Fall is upon us!

As our season is gradually unwinding and fall is here it's time to begin thinking about fall shut downs and fall accessories such as pond netting to keep the unwanted leaves out along with pond deicers and aerators to keep a hole in the ice open for the exchange of gases created by decaying leaves submerged on the bottom of ponds and high ammonia levels created from excessive fish waste.

"Ponds Done Right, Customers Served Right, Is Our Promise!"

Considering a water garden? Create your own pond, waterfall, stream, or fountain for a relaxing, soothing backyard landscape design. Our ponds, waterfalls, streams, and fountains are custom built to meet your design and backyard landscaping needs.

Water gardens and other outdoor water features are food for the soul. They are great for attracting birds and offer a safe haven for fish and aquatic life of all sorts. Water gardens are also great conversation pieces and are great for gatherings, parties, and are family meeting points as well as a great source of entertainment. They are a great investment in the beauty and value of any home or business.

We can customize your pond to fulfill your needs, such as including a soothing waterfall and stream or having a beautiful and low maintenance ecosystem of plants and fish. Here at Midwest Water Gardens & Fountains, we specialize in creating water features for every budget that are low to minimal maintenance.

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